Sheryl Sandberg: WhatsApp metadata informs governments about terrorism in spite of encryption

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"The goal for governments is to get as much information as possible.
And so when there are message services like WhatsApp that are encrypted, the message itself is encrypted but the metadata is not, meaning that you send me a message, we don`t know what that message says but we know you contacted me," she said.
"If people move off those encrypted services to go to encrypted services in countries that won`t share the metadata, the government actually has less information, not more.
And so as technology evolves these are complicated conversations, we are in close communication working through the issues all around the world.
" Sandberg recently met Rudd and told "Desert Island Discs" that Facebook and the U.
government are "very aligned in our goals".
"We want to make sure all of us do our part to stop terrorism and so our Facebook policies are very clear.
There`s absolutely no place for terrorism, hate, calls for violence of any kind.
Our goal is to not just pull it off Facebook but to use artificial intelligence and technology to get it before it`s even uploaded.
"We are working in collaboration with the other tech companies now, so if a video by a terrorist is uploaded to any of our platforms, we are able to fingerprint it for all the others so that they can`t move from platform to platform.

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