Natalia Vodianova: How I found my purpose in life (and it isn’t being a supermodel)

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The Naked Heart Foundation has now opened 180 play parks and raised more than 40 million euros ($47 million).
Vodianova has also launched an app called Elbi, which encourages users to do good deeds, donate to charities and send messages of encouragement to those in need.
Now much of her working life is with the two initiatives.
"My philanthropy really has become everything.
It is my work.
This is not something I do on the side.
" Returning to Nizhny to meet parents at a center supported by the Naked Heart Foundation during the filming of "Trailblazers," Vodianova said she had mixed emotions.
"On one hand I`m so appreciative of the work that we do… And at the same time I always think: what if my sister had this when I was little?" "My childhood is a great driving force.
I`ve worked really hard.
I always worked hard, but today I know that I`m not working for just the survival of my own family satisfaction, but really for so many other people.
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