North Korea sanctions could trigger more missiles and test US-China ties

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Sanctions on North Korea could take $1 billion out of its exports only if it fully enforced    4 Hours Ago | 02:00 It`s very unlikely that Kim will let Saturday`s news go unanswered, added Scott Seaman, senior Asia analyst at consultancy Eurasia Group.
"This regime has shown no desire to bend to the will of the international community — everything that`s thrown its way is something Kim feels the need to respond to.
" However, now that Kim has accomplished one of his goals — an ICBM capable of striking the U.
— there could be a window of opportunity for negotiations, continued Lee, who said she`ll be watching for statements from Kim`s administration that could signal restraint.
"We can reasonably expect a military response from North Korea, such as another missile test, but whether or not it exceeds the level of seriousness compared with previous tests remains to be seen," said Anthony Rinna, analyst at research group SinoNK.
North Korea, he added, "still has to be careful not to provoke the U.
or its allies` further.

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