The future of work — what the office of tomorrow could look like

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What will the office of tomorrow be like? The needs of employees are changing and businesses must change with them in order to attract the best workers.
One way to do this will be combining work and leisure, experts tell CNBC.
"Employers today need to create an environment that attracts the talent and allows them to really grow and be happy there," Tom Redmayne, director of business development for U.
and Ireland at Wiredscore.
com, told CNBC Squawk Box on Monday.
Redmayne, whose company certifies the quality of internet connectivity in office spaces, says the key ingredients for an attractive workspace include having fantastic digital infrastructure, leisure and retail opportunities, and the ability to balance work and home life.
"Now you`re accessible (to clients) 24/7 and clients expect you to come back to them the whole time, people no longer accept a working environment that`s a stale, undynamic place.
They want to be able to interact and have something that`s akin to what they have in their personal lives.

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