Southeast Asia is increasingly turning to India instead of the US or China

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"Fake news" and hoaxes catch fire in India as millions see YouTube for the first time    4:10 PM ET Mon, 12 March 2018 | 01:01 "The two sides may, in the future, want to be close partners to some other future regional alternative, or at least, partial alternative, to Belt and Road," according to the Council on Foreign Relations.
Vietnam is also strengthening relations with other regional powers that are skeptical of or outright hostile to China, the organization said.
And in January, India invited all 10 ASEAN leaders as chief guests to its annual Republic Day celebrations — a historic first.
The same month, New Delhi also invited those politicians to a summit aimed at promoting maritime security.
Every ASEAN leader wants New Delhi to play a more assertive role in the Indo-Pacific region, Preeti Saran, secretary at India`s Ministry of External Affairs, was quoted as claiming at the time.
India is also a major player in a newly resurrected informal defense alliance known as "the Quad," which is aimed at offsetting Chinese maritime expansion.
While Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia are gradually embracing the concept of a more assertive Indian role in Southeast Asia, others like the Philippines and Malaysia remain silent on the matter, Manoj Joshi, distinguished fellow at Indian think tank Observer Research Foundation, said in a February report.



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